What is pranayama?

Pranayama is the art of breathing according to yoga principles and techniques. Prana is the breath of life of all beings in the universe and pranayama means the extension and expansion of all our vital energies. When the breath is irregular the mind wavers; when steady so too is the mind. It is seen as [...]

What is meditation?

The Western idea of meditation is probably more of a Buddhist interpretation, although the practice by Buddhists or yogis is much the same. BKS Iyengar translation from Patanjal's yoga sutra 3.02 is "A steady continuous flow of attention directed towards the same point or region is meditation (dhyana)". So it is something that is achieved [...]

Why inverted (upside down) poses?

Inverted postures, particularly Headstand and Shoulderstand tend to be avoided in many styles of yoga taught today. This is understandable given the knowledge, discipline and foundation work required to practice them safely and effectively. So why is it so important to practice them at all? Mr Iyengar considers headstand and shoulderstand to be the centerpiece [...]

How often should I practice Yoga?

Eventually and ideally you should practice yoga daily. However not immediately. First you need to monitor the affect your first few classes have on you. Beginners doing our course are then encouraged to practice the very basic movements at home from their printed instructions supplied with the Beginners Course. Simply Yoga encourages students to attend [...]

I haven’t done exercise in a while, is there a risk of injury?

The numerous benefits that Yoga can bring far outshine the risk involved. Keep in mind, though, that this activity can only be advantageous if done properly with the correct instructions to avoid injury, and as a gentle and no-rush practice. Rushing and forcing poses can mean muscle strain but this can easily be avoided by [...]

Do I need to bring anything to the practice, and what should I wear?

We provide all props (mats, straps, etc). You do not need to bring any supplies. Just wear comfortable clothing, such as a t-shirt and shorts, and plan to practice bare-footed. Try not to eat heavily before class. Plan on having fun, learning, and moving your body.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is considered the name for general yoga, an all encompassing form. The word Hatha means Sun/Moon which implies balance is a goal we aim for. Our Hatha teachers hold diplomas of health from Nature Care College, where they received a broad 2 year education in the various yoga styles. This diploma also included [...]

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga places particular emphasis upon the precise and careful attention to physical alignment. It insists on balancing and integrating development, and emphasizes posture to develop strength, endurance and suppleness - physically, psychologically, mentally and emotionally. Iyengar yoga can be practiced by children and adults of different ages and levels of well-being. With the help [...]

Why are some poses not practiced during menstruation?

In Western culture women often minimize the significance of menstruation and often do not want to be restricted by it, and our culture encourages this. Yoga takes a different view, obviously we are aiming for better health and that incorporates more self-awareness. It is recommended that you do not over extend yourself during menstruation. The [...]

Why use props in Yoga, and how are props used?

In the Simply Yoga studio, students will get to use purpose-built props to achieve certain specific results in their yoga poses. Props foster physical alignment, helping to restore and reinforce good posture, promote lightness in the body, and reduce strain. Through this support and stability one's attention is freed beyond limits and one is enabled [...]