In Western culture women often minimize the significance of menstruation and often do not want to be restricted by it, and our culture encourages this.

Yoga takes a different view, obviously we are aiming for better health and that incorporates more self-awareness.

It is recommended that you do not over extend yourself during menstruation.

The poses NOT practiced during menstruation are the inverteds, backbends, strong twists and abdominal work.

Inverted poses are avoided for the whole cycle so as not to interfere with the rhythm of the cycle. Backbends stimulate the adrenal glands which are already extra active at this time. Strong twists and abdominals are avoided as a precaution against irritation of the uterine area. Also to be avoided is fast work, jumpings, strong standing poses and difficult and challenging poses.

What is recommended instead is a sequence of calming and cooling postures like supported forward bends, supine (lying) postures and sitting poses.

Talk to your teacher, so that we can take you and your general wellbeing into account in the class.

Attending classes during menstruation brings balance to your practice. It can alleviate cramping and heaviness in the abdomen and help build positivity and alertness.