Whatever class you choose, our teachers offer you personal one-on-one attention. You will benefit from classes that cover the spectrum from dynamic flowing postures to relaxation and restorative yoga. Classes usually have no more than 10 to 12 students so that your individual needs can be met.

Your yoga experience will be more beneficial if you choose the most suitable level, rather than the most suitable time. While you are welcome to call and discuss this with us, the following descriptions of each of the levels can be used as a guideline.


8 – Week Beginners Course

Our 8 – Week Beginner Course is designed for complete beginners or those returning from a long absence. Students attend 1 class per week, each class is for 1 1/4 hours, which will progressively and safely take you through the initial learning of yoga poses.

Thursday  7:45 – 9:00 PM 

Cost: $150

Missed classes can be made up at the other Beginner Class that week or in a General class taken by your teacher.


General Class

Our General class is a Level 1 class that provides the foundation of yoga practice in basic standing, seated, and supine poses, building a foundation of skill and strength through the use of props for headstand, shoulder stand, and salutations.


Our accomplished classses provide a deeper and expanded study of the standing and seated poses, head balancing, shoulder stand variations, and unsupported back-bends, with an introduction to pranayama.


John runs the Level 3 classes which teach a solid working knowledge of all postures, with emphasis on a regular practice of inversions and backbends. Some advanced postures will be introduced. Students should be developing a consistent, self-directed practice. Regular pranayama and meditation.

Therapy Class

The Therapy Class was created to help those who are struggling in or can no longer attend General Classes. Those with injury, illness, chronic complaints (arthritis, fatigue, menopause, depression, insomnia, asthma) or even general stiffness, would benefit from a Therapy Class. This could be in an addition to your general class attendance. John conducts the class (maximum 8 students). The procedure is an initial 1 1/4 hr consultation with John to design your ‘personal practice’ (active, passive & supported). In class the student is guided through their personal sequence until familiar, then that sequence is practiced each week. John monitors & adjusts your practice with progress. Attendance is a minimum of 5 weeks as consistency is the key to results.

Cost: The initial consultation costs $110, and the next 5 sessions cost $165.00.

Private Sessions

The advantage of having a private session is generally not well understood. Occasionally in every student’s practice they will come up against a challenge, either physical or mental, that needs more time than a teacher can devote in a class situation. The advantage of a private sessions is that it can help students overcome fears, injuries, and physical restrictions. All teachers at Simply Yoga are available for private sessions on either an ad hoc or regular basis.

Cost: $110/hr or $155 for two people.

Contact: john@simplyyoga.com.au  or  Jane at myyogaclass@bigpond.com