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A SURPRISE FROM ARLITA ! Thank you Arlita .. we miss you ! For those who don't know Arlita she is in the pic below sitting centre.
She lives in New York now.
"Hi John
I hope you’ve been well. The new website looks great!

It’s been difficult to find grounding again since I came back from London a month ago. Normally yoga would be a practice that would provide me with this. The studio I’m living in currently is a shoebox which I can barely fit a yoga mat in so my own practice has been non-existent. This has led me to seek out studios in the area. All of which have brought mixed experiences.

Long story short, I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing yogi inspiration and instilling me with a solid foundation and grounding.

Since moving here, I’ve experienced many yoga classes with a variety of teachers. Each one of them bringing a new perspective to practice. Recently, I went to one class that just simply didn’t resonate. In fact, I was clock watching from about 20mins in.
In part, this was my fault for choosing a class that didn’t challenge me. But also because I had no faith in the teacher and my respect for them rapidly declined. The one thing I did learn was that sometimes you just find the right teacher-student-class connection where these elements combine to deliver a unique chemistry. Furthermore, you don’t really realise this until you’re in a class situation where you don’t have that same connection. The more yoga classes I do over here, the more I appreciate that you John, are one of a kind! *Gratitude*

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We had a wonderful backbend class last Saturday.It was full of humour and support.
Why is that 'backbends' bring a challenge to the body, mind and spirit like no other poses ?
I found a most inspiring article on backbends.. have a read.. I have copied the first paragraph but you can click on the link below

Backbends, life, practice and the path
The goal was never about getting your feet to touch your butt, but about being on the path. Let´s make no mistake.

When most people think of backbends images of a contortionist with their head resting on their buttocks is what usually comes to mind. Bending backward looks like a fairly daunting task, a painful one and perhaps not a lot of fun. Even yoga students who have been practicing for many years have gotten stumped in developing their backbends. While it is true that backbends stir emotions such as fear and anger it is a misconception to see at best too difficult and at worst not for you.
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Hi John I hope you’ve been well. The new website looks great! It’s been difficult to find grounding again since I came back from London a month ago. Normally yoga would be a practice that [...]

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