The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Join our 8 – Week  BEGINNER COURSE – starts Thursday October 12th ; 7:45 – 9:00PM; $150

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Any missed classes can be made up at the end of the course at the General Class taught by your teacher.

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We offer a broad range of options for students who are starting off on their yoga journey to those who are experienced practitioners.  Discounts available.

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Our studio is conveniently located in Crows Nest.  It’s light spacious and airy and fully equipped – we provide mats and all props for our students.

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Once again we have the opportunity to start the year afresh with the 2018 January Intensive.
After the holidays take the time to purify and re-balance the body-mind and to move into the discipline of yoga once again.

Here are the details of the Intensive:

DATES: Monday January 15th – Saturday 20th.
TIME: 6.30 - 8 AM.
THEME: Fighting the Aging Process.

We will bring a youthful approach to standing poses, twists & forward bends, backbends & restorative.

PLUS: Special sequences for Anti Rheumatics, Lower Back, Energy Blocks, Neck/Shoulders & Eyes.
You will each get a COPY of these extra sequences to take home for your practice.

COST: $190 (only 16 places available so book yourself in ASAP)

To secure your spot please PAY FIRST then your name will go up on the Board in the studio as confirmation.

For enquiries call 0417 410 703 or
email john@simplyyoga.coma.u

Namaste John
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For several years now you know that I have focused on keeping the sternum open.
Previous Intensives have focussed on this, doing so by drawing in the thoracic (upper spine) and opening the sternum.
Also taking the head back with a long neck. You only need to look at the pictures in “Light on Yoga”.
After reading an article by BKS Iyengar, written in his 80s, I started last week moving our awareness higher, to upper thoracic & cervical vertebrae (or neck).
The following are some extracts from that article.

“ When the body goes on decaying the mind gives away. To keep the mind fine-tuned you have to keep the gross physical body dynamic.
If in my practice my skin contracts I feel my mind contract. If my body is dull I know my mind is dull.
I am working hard even now to maintain that quality, because nature is to shrink as one ages. If the mind shrinks courage also shrinks and aging expands.
Practice brings the diminishing body in contact with the eternal soul which you can experience practically.
If you see an aged persons body the top ribs have shrunk, when shrinking goes on life force does not reach there and life energy contracts.
The sternum is known as a DRY area where energy recedes. You know that sometimes strong athletes die earlier than the common man.
They overwork and dry out. They do not know how to recuperate and keep the dry areas wet. Even today when you see my backbends I do them more in the area of CERVICAL SPINE (or vertebrae/neck) than the lumbar thoracic dorsal spine. Do not allow this part to become dry, re-energise it don’t allow it to shrink.
This is what I am learning even at this age “ BKS Iyengar YOGA RAHASYA Vol 24 No 3 2017

Namaste John
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