Sign up today for our 6 WEEK BEGINNER YOGA COURSE – starting Monday November 7.  Unlimited classes for $89.00.

Choose from 10 classes each week. No previous experience required. Open to all ages and levels of well being.

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Timetable and Fees

We offer a broad range of options for students who are starting off on their yoga journey to those who are experienced practitioners.  Discounts available.

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About Yoga

Find out more information about Yoga that is practiced at Simply Yoga, and other general information about Yoga in today’s world.

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The Studio

Our studio is conveniently located in Crows Nest.  It’s light spacious and airy and fully equipped – we provide mats and all props for our students.

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Our Teachers

Simply Yoga teachers are advanced level practitioners with rigorous training that ensures a balanced and safe learning curve for our students.

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Classes & Courses

We cater for those starting their Yoga journey, through to experienced practitioners. Courses run during term times, and 3 levels of classes run all year.

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Your answers to questions about Simply Yoga and Yoga in general.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know.

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Cass, This is for you to Share.. Student Letter in full below. :)
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Dear Students

The Beginner yoga classes are well on the way to sold out.

If you wish to come, please book or re-book now, here

Please also let friends, partner or relatives know, the greatest gift you can give someone is their health. And yoga is one of the best preventative health insurances there is.

For example, major AFL teams like Geelong and Hawthorn have adopted yoga into their training plan to help with injury recovery and also teach younger players how to stretch properly and understand their bodies.

Daniel Dymond, a Performance and Sport Psychologist in Melbourne agrees that yoga can boost athletic performance, but stresses that it provides a combination of physical and mental strength.

“For active players, they already have a training regime to optimise their physical strength and capabilities. Yoga complements that by building core strength training into their regime. But what I think is important about a yoga practice is that it introduces meditation and breathing techniques that can deepen awareness of our bodies.

Many people, not just athletes, could do with this in their lives as there is limited focus on mindfulness and the connection between mind and body.

Through prolonged practice, mindfulness can help people gain peace of mind, focus better and manage stress better.”

Take action now about our next Beginner yoga six week series. Here’s the link to book:

I look forward to meeting you or those you love soon.

My best regards
John Norris
Principal Teacher and Founder
Simply Yoga for Everyone

PS You are part of a major national trend. Studies show as much as 2.9% of the Australian adult population in are making yoga the 13th most popular physical activity respectively, just ahead of Australian Rules football!

PPS India’s major and highly successful cricket stars also have been taught yoga, so it makes good sense for the AFL to get on board, as shown in the details in my email. Please tell a man you know to give it a try.

PPPS Don’t miss the best yoga value in our community, or let others miss it. Here’s the link to our next Beginner Course series

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