Backbends, life, practice and the path

The goal was never about getting your feet to touch your butt, but about being on the path. Let´s make no mistake. When most people think of backbends images of a contortionist with their head resting on their buttocks is what usually comes to mind. Bending backward looks like a fairly daunting task, a painful [...]

Supta Virasana or Supine Hero Pose

Most of us, even the healthiest, spend the majority of our lives sitting at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, or in some other seated forward facing position. We narrow our focus to the small screen directly in front of us, literally or figuratively, then we stand up with the weight of the [...]

Authentic Practice

As a yoga teacher I am frequently asked what style of yoga it is that I teach. My reply resonates that of the renowned teacher, Mark Whitwell: “I teach yoga …there is only ONE yoga!” Most of the yoga styles practised in the Western world today can be traced back to one teacher, Sri Tirumalai [...]

A Surprise From A Student Now Living in New York

Hi John I hope you’ve been well. The new website looks great! It’s been difficult to find grounding again since I came back from London a month ago. Normally yoga would be a practice that would provide me with this. The studio I’m living in currently is a shoebox which I can barely fit a [...]

The Concept of Yoga

The union of the individual soul with the universal soul is said to be yoga. Yoga is no less than the stable state of consciousness. It is nothing but a suspension or pause in the movements of thought waves. See what Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita. Taking the centre body as a plumb [...]

Extract from the Bhagavad Gita

The Illumined Man 47 – 50 Translation by EKNATH  EASWARAN You have the right to work but never the fruit of work Never engage in action for the sake of reward Nor should you long for inaction Perform work in this world Arjuna as a man established in himself – without selfish attachments and alike [...]

Yoga Practice to support spiritual growth

Emotional disturbances Lust, Pride, Obsession, Anger, Hatred and Greed.  Familiar to all of us, these emotions (as reactions) are the enemy of spiritual growth, even though they do exist for a purpose and can be used wisely. Yoga can be used to channel these emotions and transform them for higher purpose […]

Why do balancing poses in yoga?

In our advanced class this week John asked us to close our eyes whilst doing some of the standing balancing poses. From what I could tell, because I had my eyes closed:), it was vastly harder than with the eyes open, which was very interesting to observe. The following is a short excerpt of an [...]