In the Simply Yoga studio, students will get to use purpose-built props to achieve certain specific results in their yoga poses.

Props foster physical alignment, helping to restore and reinforce good posture, promote lightness in the body, and reduce strain. Through this support and stability one’s attention is freed beyond limits and one is enabled to be more present in the moment.

Beginners who may have stiffer bodies, for example, can use a block to rest their hand on in standing poses. This helps lengthen their spine. Chairs can be used in twisting poses to encourage good posture while rotating the spine. Bolsters and blankets are invaluable aids in encouraging total relaxation and rejuvenation from fatigue. For beginners, props create safety without stress or the need to rush.

All students can approach a more difficult pose starting at their own level, progress without injury, and then ultimately dispense with the props. A prop might help the student stay in a pose for a longer time which can increase strength, stamina and concentration. Advanced students will find ropes, chairs, blocks, and belts help their bodies better understand a pose that they are trying to learn.

Props can also be used therapeutically, as in rope traction for de-compressing the vertebral column when there is a muscle spasm in the back. The use of belts for tractioned stretches in the supine leg extensions can help with nerve compression. Lying over bolsters, blocks and small benches can promote better breathing for asthmatics or those with weak hearts.